Greetings Everyone, I’m Mira Gomez from Northern California. I am 35 years of age and my occupation is Pharmacist. The main reason I provided this website is due to my career. I’ve been observing lots of people who don’t have any awareness of their health also they haven’t any food consciousness. That’s the reason I created this to make awareness for people about the foods.

Eat Vegetable and Fruits to stay healthy

This website will talk about most of the part about vegans. Vegans means the persons who do not eat non vegetarian foods. There are tons of proteins and malnutritions and other vitamins are highly available in vegetables. My main mission is to make awareness about vegetables through this website. Welcome to my website is the best source for the vegans who loves veggies. In this website you can get the tips on Healthy Vegan foods, Drinks, Delicious Recipes and also some other healthy advices.